[TUT] Auto Ready / Auto Start for USF

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[TUT] Auto Ready / Auto Start for USF

Post by [SFG]SHARK on Thu Oct 15, 2015 2:19 pm

Hello SFGang Members!
Today I will teach you on how to use Auto Ready/Auto Start using PTFBPro software.

Note: Please Read All The Way Down.

1. Download the file
Download: Click here
Virustotal: Click here

2. Extract it to your desktop

3. Run the "PTFBsetup" and install

4. After you install the setup insert the Serial Key.

5. Start your "Soldier Front"

6. Make a Training/Single Room put Password on it. (For Testing Only)

7. Run PTFBPro.exe

8. Click " SINGLE PRESS " and After you Click Single Press point the Small Arrow at "START" in game. (You'll notice a small arrow just use your Eyes)

7. Click "EDIT" beside "RUN NOW"

Use these Settings below

For Faster Auto Ready / Auto Start use these Settings:

8. Click "Start Watching " and you are good to go.



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